Hot Meal Replacement (HMR)

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Meals Include

  • Main Entrée: Meat, Fish or Poultry, Starch (Potato, Pasta, or Rice) & Vegetables
  • Homemade Soup
  • Dessert

About the Program

Hot Meal Replacements are nutritious frozen meals that are flash-frozen, without any extra preservatives added. These meals are arranged to be ordered every two (2) weeks.

Meals include entrée, soup, and a dessert. As well these meals are suitable for diabetics, and those requiring low-salt or low-fat diets. The HMR’s are also appropriate for those individuals who require pureed meals.


$10.25Hot Meal Replacements
* All fees include taxes and delivery (if applicable). Additional financial subsidy is available to those eligible. Prices are subject to change.

TIP: For statutory holidays when hot meals cannot be delivered this meal could come in handy, just heat it up and enjoy!

Note:Special dietary needs may be addressed on a one to one basis (i.e. Cut meat or modified texture.) Meals for Moms participants can choose from either HMP or HMR programs. Meals can be prepared for parents including their young children.